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DAZ DILLINGER : Ryd'n lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "Ryd'n"

Yeah, drummer boy, drop that %#@!

Yeah, mob through the city, paint looking like candy

Headed to my bad (*##$, that #[email protected] come in handy
Throw that dissing dick, got that (*##$ running from me
Head back to the trap, lick some %#@! that really slap

All we do is smoke strong, neighbors know what's going on
Can't stay in one spot, too long, cause other %#@! be going on
Flip this how it is, in my hood, ride with a g

This how it is in my hood, ride with a breeze


Ridin, ridin, ridin, wheels spinning on the traffic while I'm banging my beat
I be ridin, ridin, ridin, ^!$$% all through the hood
With a bag and I push far away

Take night, I be ridin, ridin, ridin
Hating but I'm doing what you wishing you can be like me
^!$$%s see me just all through the hood, all through the hood

All through the hood, all through the hood

^!$$% I'm all in the hood, that ^!$$% ball in the hood

When it's a problem in the streets ^!$$% you know it ain't good
Hit a ^!$$% with some games, still stay in my lane
Hit a ^!$$% with that thang, that's just part how we bang

24 still shinning, just got it washed and waxed
Daz on the macs, 93's airmax,
(*##$es love it when a ^!$$%o n that big boy status

Just tryina beat that #[email protected] up on that big boy mattress
The city wildest ? east side, lb,
When it's time to get money y'all ^!$$%s call me

I want my hands in errythang, yeah I get greedy
I'm back on that mind state, the streets yelling feed me
Eat your $$# alive if you really can't survive

%#@! can get live, have you on the news at 5
A report from a reporter saying another ^!$$% died
Hard through the city in the hood as a bomb


Stay in the hood, cause I was raised in the hood
Don't say you looking for a ^!$$%, yeah I'm right up in the hood
Ain't never hard to find me, I'm on 21 in logan

Smokin on that lotion yeah I'm spitting the dopest
Switch lane, my engine is so clean
And my ?ass, my %#@! is so mean

I swear to god your ? when I hop on that mother$#&@er
I'm feeling jet lag
A couple ^!$$%s riding hood want that charlie sheen

I get it all up quick, they buy the whole thing
Look, survival is the main thang, and them dulo ^!$$%s want wide hood gang bang
Done heard it all, done seen it all

Done seen a ^!$$% hit the top and make that fast fall
See I'm just showing you that hood life
And what my hood really like when I'm


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