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DAZ DILLINGER : Jack Move lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "Jack Move"

(feat. Big Syke, Kurupt, Outlawz)

[Big Syke]

^!$$% You betta get cha money
$#&@ dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz
Let's go get our chips

That ^!$$% Daz on the street at a early age

Barely made it out da twelfth grade
But the man will still stay paid
Stayed away from the little homies who wanted to play basketball

All up on it money was fast life was all
These ^!$$%z blew em and presumed it was all like cling
It seems it wont be long to buy a composite dream

Call up the homie Syke
Meet me at the market it's a heist
60 G's a piece its big money on the street gotta have it

Whenever I bone gotta make it better
Whether I'm rich or broke my eye is to stay clever
It's a jack move so mother$#&@er don't say nothin'

Stop the teller give up the cash (*##$ don't say nothin
Fatal pull up quickly wit tha ride
So we hop inside countin the money wit my dogs feelin high

Bought a new riviera oh deez from ?? on G's
Do whatever I feel Jackers know the deal
Keep the pistol loaded and @@#!ed

Right now I move the block
When I kick $#&@ the whole hood is getting licked
Say what Dogg pound got love underground

Along with my homie from the town that bump the ground

[Big Syke]

I trapped inside my self I needa change my ways
^!$$%s get shot to death searchin for better days
Peepin out the heist pay the price if you wanna ball

After all get yo ^!$$%z it's the final call
I can't stall Daz put me on the liquor hit
Cause I'm fed up and tired of that broke %#@!

Steady on the grind I got to get mine who wanna die
Starvin and broke don't multiply stay high
Im neck deep I cant sleep wit no dividends

I play to win livin in the sin will it end
So let the G ride slide county state to state
Cause I wont hesitate to distentigrate

One time evil mind thuggin cartel
I kill everybody in this mother$#&@er so give me the mail
I cant tell leave no witnesses I handle my business

Cause I'm full of that sickness Lets do this

[Chorus: Daz]

Its jack move
Mutha$#&@a don't say nothin it's a jack move
Do you really think we bluffin it's a jack move

Give it up motha$#&@a it's a jack move
Do you really think we bluffin it's a jack move

Now as I position myself to the opposition my aim is stacked wealth
In this world of greed

Kadafi calm lyrical bomb easy get me fetully crucified
Like you was Jesus on the floor spread like diseases
Crack in the hemmy I stay cool locked in the semi

Automatic ^!$$%z jumpin like acrobatics
When static eruct you stuck
Witout a $#&@in bucket to piss in

For all you cowards that's dissin
Heres a (*##$ named glock for your nuts to be kissin
I said it just like the midnight moves

From nights to afternoon get cooked up like [email protected]%!e in a spoon
Protect your body from repeated shots from my $#&@in shotty
Layin it down wit my road dawg Hussein Kadafi

Cuttin ya ear ta ear
Spinnin these ^!$$%z headgear
Like I'm county bound

Whilein from tear ta tear
Shootin and poluttin this atmosphere
Wit cakes and aches awaits through the $#&@in state
Tryin ta come up in this world cuz its money we make

I got some ^!$$%z back in jerzey and most of em dead
I got some killa ^!$$%z in cali cuz most of em said
That when the jump lick lead
From murderton to the plauge we getting down for whats said

That its based on the feds
So ^!$$% heres my documentary
Started in elementary
^!$$% gotta speak soft to the street because it befriended me
Drinkin my hennesy listen to moonie cause hes schoolin me

Lickin shots at the cops bless the dead rest in peace ta boonie
Now its on cause like a reef I'm comin home
And when dem ^!$$%z hit the streets we goin shoppin for chrome
Keep it known that I'm shootin and $#&@ the world I'm pollutin
If it keep pursuein ima turn my business to lootin

Near no ^!$$% can stop me from bein young and @@#!y
Betta take me the way you see me or a motha$#&@a or drop me
Told my grams I'm a killa Bad boy n she feel it
My people told me bout the secretz of war I cant spill it
Got four four four dem hoes
Plenty counted for hoes

I'm Drinkin ginsing now watch me get this (*##$ out her clothes
See yall ^!$$%z want more
What ima give you for sure
Is a couple hot ones to the dome and leave you creepin back home
My ^!$$%z call me Napol move top for dem hoes
Thinkin of creepin on yo block to leave yo punk $$# froze
My ^!$$%z rose from they graves

Teach me how to dip strays
This thug life that I'm livin is like a game but it pays


[Hussein Fatal]
What tha $#&@ you think this is hands up everybody spread em

First mother$#&@er move yaki kadafi wet em
Aint nobody getting out alive
If I don't get the amount I came for
Plus a mother$#&@in ounce
And bounce cuz I'm on that kind of %#@! nobody knowin
Alias hussein everybody who look strange I'm blowin
I got the blood from ya body blowin haulin $$#

With daz and money bags and the $$# of the shottie showin
Play the hero I bring the heat to the street
Like Al pacino and Deniro eliminate twenty mutha$#&@az to zero
Watch me the streets is black hockey rules of the game
To never let a cop top me


The jack is on from noon to the crack of dawn
Me and my ^!$$%z storm attack vietnam swarm
You cant stop me I shoot with loot drop it
Rip ya arms out they socket
Cause you aint quick enough to empty ya pockets
The homies stole 10 G's is the plot
We got a lot at stake first ^!$$% make a sound get shot

So I'm set no sweat never catch me sweatin
No regrets I aint regrettin all the %#@! that I'm gettin
And I keep my mind state clear
Posessin no fear
No need to look no further ^!$$% I'm here
I gots da ammo
I also gots the ride ta roll
We gots the plot and got the route
That gets to the pot uve gold
Its good as go I'm in the position
Ready to unload all the ammunition
On spots count my riches hit the yaucht and go fishin
Then confuse of course it goes smooth
You at the right place the wrong time then its you and ya crue
It's a jack move...

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