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DAZ DILLINGER : It's Going Down lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "It's Going Down"

Ahh %#@!!

[Prince Ital]

Everywhere I go
Nuff gunshot are firin out the ghetto area seen?

I haffa watch my back
Too much crack seen?
Watch yourself cuz nuff home-icide a gwan in de area

[Daz Dillinger]
I hear some ^!$$%z clockin major on the other side of town

Strictly slidin for a proper come up to come around
Called up the homies from way back, who dream of gettin paid
Then finally get paid with the amount of 80 G's

6:30 layin in cut, prepare to get ready
Me and Ty grew up, mashin to get our feddi
Food stamps galore, kick in the door get on the floor

Make sure my homies get away smooth with the dough
A hardcore mother$#&@er raised up not knowin
Now my dream is just a dream we're sellin dope and hoein

Moms can't tell me %#@!, I make the rules that I live by
In and out the house, late at night, and plus I got high
The homies influenced me to be the G of all G's

Perfectedly innovated to all my homies
Pull out the Riviera, plus I kick up dust
Pull out the brain, pull out the thang, @@#! back and bust

It's just some gangsta %#@!, goin down on the Eastside
Some ^!$$%z who died and tried to whoride on mine
Pull on the 7 Carter with the homey Flossy Floss

He's the homey from the Beach who's known for takin off
Pile up the bird then swerve, conversate on smoke and submerge
Finger on the trigger, cons-templatin on a murder

I mean, takin life for life, cause it's right
%#@!, ^!$$%z gotta do, to earn they stripes, straight merkin

[Chorus: x2]

It's some gangsta %#@!, that's going down

Homicide, straight murder/homicide
It's some gangsta %#@!, here in this town
Straight murder [blank]

[Daz Dillinger]
Word on the street is that them DPG ^!$$%z shot they homeboy

Now the only sound in the town is gunfire
Going down I sport the crown I give it up on mother$#&@ers
when I roll through I thought you knew about them Doggs in blue

Now forty-five, ^!$$%z bought em by the spot
I'm on alert I'm down to work every ^!$$% that I shot
^!$$%z skied out quick, around the block who know we comin back

Post up early on the attack
Slowly but surely spot an enemy slippin out his domain
Rode up on him and let him see the twelve gauge

The homey Ty banged him on GP because we stuffed him then we bagged him
cause he violated the rule of the streets
Two redrums under my belt, it felt good bout to murder

Haven't you ever heard of a murderer mother$#&@er?
Cause I'm, a straight gangsta, doin what I feel
^!$$%z no need to tempt, for me to kill, straight blastin

the enemy, can't see the hoes who try to get with me
Understand where I'm comin from the D-P to the G-the-C
The ^!$$%z who trip, ^!$$%z that dipped

^!$$%z that conversate with the Bloods or Crips
It's just a West coast thang, gangsta thang
^!$$%z come around here but surely can't hang because-a

we don't hang with no bustas and sho' nuff
don't hang with no [email protected]$)s and ^!$$%z down to blast, straight merkin


Check it out

[Kurupt the Kingpin]
I heard ^!$$%z kickin static makin noise

Cold hearted wanna get it started with my boys
Automatic toys to tangle with ^!$$%z for profit
Got %#@! on lockdown cause I lets the Glock spit
Soon as D-A-Z hits me on my hip, talk about chips
The game run heatin them clips, the gaze kicks

Automatic tech nine spits, I gotta
roll with the Pound that's the neighborhood of murder
Am I the only mother$#&@er ridin?
Am I the only rider but I found a whole pound of ^!$$%z violent
I got the big homey Ty money worldwide

from Portland, Oregon L.A. to the N.Y.
I'm bout to crash in your door, unload the double four
Then stash it, then we blasted all we saw
The fo'-fo', the fo' double sparkin
the gang walkin up your hood like nuttin but trouble

We straight gangsta %#@!

[Prince Ital]
That's right
We dat live by de knife will die by de knife

You betta try save your life
On your life dere might be a oversight
Take my ad-vice and jump inna your ride
Don't ar-gue with de Death Row pride
DPG gangstaz they nah make you try
We got keep every stone you keep

in your life, you betta don't feel strife
We dat live by de knife will die by de knife
You betta try save your life
Oh lawd, oh lawd
Homicide it's a homicide
Oh lawd, oh lawd
Murderah it's a murderah

Oh lawd

[Daz Dillinger]
We're in this mother$#&@er

Yo Daz!
OHHH !#@(! [car crashes]

Y'all ^!$$%z alright? Man ^!$$% let's get out this mother$#&@er
^!$$% the cops comin ^!$$%!

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