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DAZ DILLINGER : It Might Sound Crazy lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "It Might Sound Crazy"

Man, Soopafly, how you feel about these (*##$es?

$#&@ 'em.
You know what I'm saying, but the #[email protected] is good.

Yeah, it is nice. Heh heh heh.

I said, I said,
I said it might sound crazy but I'm so in love with you.

I said it might sound crazy but I'm so in love with you.
(over chorus)

Daz, I'm glad you broke up with that (*##$.
Yeah, I know what time it is.

You in love with me?!
Yeah baby, I'm in love with you.

Check it out, baby.

I'm about clockin' dollars...

Hey, give me some.

Handlin' my business and (hey, ^!$$%) kickin' hoes to the curb
(break that (*##$) after I get my thang and that's right.

I know that's right, right, right, right.

[Verse 1:]

Woke up one bright morning, have some bomb-ass @@#!,

Feelin' like the man as I shake the spot.
Freaked the girl named Tameka,
Made my bass thump deepah.

My girl hu-umped me down, paged a ^!$$% on my beepah.
As I continue to adjust the amps and bust the speakah.
My girl paged again, and again, and again,

As I'm diggin' out her mother's best friend.
Ask about my kids, say they gettin' big
As we moan and dig.

$#&@ed another, she was kinda thick but kinda slim.
Freaky little thang named Kim.
Askin' when we gon' engage in bomb sex again,

I'm askin' her when you gon' give me bomb head again?
I mean she took me to her house, worked a ^!$$% straight
turned him out.

Wanna know the freaky thangs that you talk about.
I really wanna make it rough, make it soft, no doubt.
If you wanna $#&@, then we can turn it out.

You in love.


[over chorus]
Baby, I want you to $#&@ my homegirl.

Baby, you like the way I suck your dick, don't you.
OOoohhh. You love the way I lick your balls.

[Verse 2:]


Told Miss Harris, it was too late to stop and too late to quit,
I was lovin' that #[email protected] (Uhhh), while she was lovin' this dick.
(don't quit)

I was shovin' it in her (Uhhh), while she was yellin' don't quit.
(don't quit)
I was diggin' meow (Uhhhh), while I was suckin' her tit.(Yeah)

She said, "Let's have a freaky, freaky, freaky type experience,
That's very diff-er-ent,
That's so magnificent."
She had a bad, bad (*##$ named Spearamint.
Thought she was the bomb,

The way the (*##$ humped.
Let's get freaky tonight, let's get rolled
let's get high as a kite, you know. Baby gave a show.
True indeed, the way she ate a ^!$$%'s dick, I knew she
was a pro, I knew she was a pro.

I had a young tender that I'll always remember,
Named Dana, needed dick just to tame her
Every two months. I'd telephone her ringer, just to bone,
To come over at night when her man ain't home.
I keep the weed just to keep her stoned, huh

And I'd $#&@ and be out 'fore dawn, huh.
I gotta page from another homegirl named Shy.
Baby loved to lick her tongue, holla, holla, an' give me some
(give me some, give me some)
Daz make a (*##$### like never befo'.

Do it fast, do it slow.
$#&@ me like you want it. Hittin' every little organ by her stomach.
Stop back up, (*##$ who the $#&@ keep you###min'.

And you know, sometimes the #[email protected] still be callin' my name.

And the #[email protected] be like, "Ooo, Daz, keep me###min'."
And I respond to the #[email protected] like,
"Was happ'nin." And you know Too $hort got some real player %#@!.
[Too $hort]
^!$$%, Daz is a real playa.
It's all the way hot.

[Too $hort]
$hort Dog's in the house.
[Too $hort]
Oh, you know I know these hoes.

And you know that.

[Verse 3:]

[Too $hort]
I can't $#&@ with you, I need a (*##$ like Tracy.
Got a good job, when she walks in the place, she

Gets respect with them big-ass tits.
She ain't no first date dick-suckin' tramp-ass (*##$.
I pick the winners, never get the wrong ones,
Check me right now, I got a pocket full of phone numbers.
She said, "You wanna be a player all yo life?
You'll never get a woman you can call your wife."
You see, Tracy got it going on, see her try to get wit' me.

Her sister got my beeper number, keeps on hittin' me.
Think I $#&@ed her twice, long time ago,
But now I like Tracy and she won't let go.
I know a trick-ass ^!$$% might think it's scary:
Will it come back on 'im if he gets married.
I don't give a $#&@ about (*##$es in the past,
Cuz if I put it down, I'ma make the %#@! last

And get the cash. (*##$es always talkin' that love %#@!.
No, it ain't happ'nin', tell me what's up (*##$.
Actin' like Michelle when I told her I missed her.
She said I love you right after I kissed her.
What she wanna say that for? Not today.
^!$$%s like us, you know we stuck in our ways.
Ask Lisa or her niece huh, I never pay 'em money.
Had a little freak by the name of Laid Lonnie.
I live by the game, that's what I'm all about.
The (*##$ started trippin' so we had to fall out.
Think I'm supposed to pay, cuz I got ends,
I said, "$#&@ you, (*##$, and all your friends."
That's an everyday scenario, now here you go.
Tryin' to be good to me, I can't feel it though.
My old school tramp sucked a damn good dick,
I tried to turn the (*##$ out, she couldn't handle it.
Trick biotch.
C'mon, trick biotch.
[Too $hort]
Trick Biotch
Trick Biotch.
Now you done $#&@ed me, you done $#&@ed Too $hort, done
$#&@ed my cousin, done $#&@ed Nate.
%#@!, huh, just done $#&@ed everybody.
It might sound crazy.

[Answering Machine: ladies voice]
Just leave a personalized message for me.
Were you talking to me? Do you be thinkin' 'bout me, huh?
Baby. Do you be thinkin' 'bout me?

%#@!. How this (*##$ gon' call me super fine
and she just sucked a homeboy's dick. (*##$.

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