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DAZ DILLINGER : Introduction 2 Meyhem lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "Introduction 2 Meyhem"

(feat. Soopafly)


Now here's somethin' for the DJ's, keep it pumpin'
Real ^!$$%z from the street, throw up your heat
Pass it around to that down (*##$ that you $#&@ with

Stuck with it, hoo-ra, Soopa's the hoopla
In your hoopty, fly Gucci apparell
If ^!$$%z get you hot, get your flare on

He's a busta, ^!$$% must of not seen the black pistol glocks
You's a Columbian shuttle astronaut
$#&@in' with the "blast-a-lot" kid

I'ma shoot, pass the rock - SWISH
^!$$%z, throw up your fists like afro pick's
Up in this (*##$, I'ma make you move

Grab my %#@!, layin' everything down
Stick up (*##$, I hate ya, choose
I'm a real - Don, mackin' every way

I play, but then again I don't
I won't come up short, I'm tall
Look and then he ball

I'm Shag, I'll wax these $#&@ers and I'm back
C'mon, my squad thick like Redbones
What you doin' 'round here ^!$$%?, I said gone

Get - the $#&@ out, back yo' $$# up
(*##$es - step up, back yo' $$# up
The club rockin', I'm stalkin', chicken hawkin'

I pimp often, %#@! talk, grab my glock and I'm straight
Hot like fire - propane
The way I touch and rush, you must have crushed ya

Just a cold saying - "no game, no fame"
^!$$%z mad, I flow dope like cocaine rivers
$#&@ Santa Clause 'cause the hoe ain't in us

Label, check, pump, from pro's to beginner's
Dogghouse $#&@ your mouth
Half these ^!$$%z can show most of these hoes what suckin's about


^!$$%z talk %#@! but ain't $#&@in' with me
Soopa-fly, D-A-Z
Back in yo' $$#, it's still D.P.G.

C-R-I-P now
2003, we are the Pound
And then we shot that big $$# gun

Take yo' %#@!, now you best ta run

[Daz Dillinger]

You know what we do when we step on tour
Kick a hole in the speaker, kick %#@! off on tour
I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta, all to the wanksta's

Bank ya, get you face to face
I ain't to intervene, me and my guillotine
Hang you by the string or the thorn, you've been warned

Get up and throw your hands up, stand up for the cause
No flaws, bangin' all y'all ^!$$%z on the cross
Crucified, do or die

You and your homie, it's you and I
Watch out for this homicide
(*##$ - I'll leave you in a ditch

You and your $#&@in' posse ^!$$% - you ain't %#@!
I'll come in quick, I'll sink your battleship
Shoot 'em up, do 'em up, and then we outey (*##$

Can I rock the M-I-C?
Or the phone, I'm prone, I'm know to get it on, HO!
I'm theatrical, your (*##$ is mack-able

I'll snatch your hoe, you know I got to battle more
It's time to build up my momentum
To society I'm a menace, I'm out on a mission

Your hoes we deep fishin'
We dishin' out the terror and mayhem
Pistol whip you and your man

I can't stand no #[email protected], soft, (*##$ $$# ^!$$%
You hang with me, ^!$$% your pullin' some triggers
On yo' $$# for the ten figures

Blow your back out to your liver and make you quiver, ^!$$%

I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.
I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.

I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.
Straight Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.
I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.
Straight Dogg Pound Gangsta - D.P.G.

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