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DAZ DILLINGER : Intro / Gang Bangin Ass Criminal lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "Intro / Gang Bangin Ass Criminal"

[Daz Dillinger]
Yeah, Daz Dillinger
I'm gonna take you into some gangsta %#@!

What y'all ^!$$%s don't even know about
And now you ?feels? to know about,
what we call Gangsta Rap

But this is for the ^!$$%s who was down from day one

Love to hear, love to hear you mother$#&@ers

I advise all you ghetto livin', struggling from day to day,
tryin' to flip a figure dollar devil up inside a bag of weed,
a fresh pair of khakis and take a (*##$ to the groovy $$# ^!$$%s

To get your money man, get paid
These mother$#&@ers are cut off welfare
How are we go eat if we don't cheat

These (?) (*##$ to me made the game out of young black ^!$$%s lives
Striking us out from left to right
With no mother$#&@ing one in sight

$#&@ that!!
Sell your dope
Get your jack on, get your sack on,

put your rag on and get your mother$#&@ing thang on, ^!$$%s
Cause it's on
God dammit it's on

Now what the hell you bout to go youngster

[The Gang (Tray Deee, Ty Cuzz, Bad A$$, Technique)]

Go ride ^!$$%
Bout to go get the homies ^!$$%, right now
[Daz] Oh yeah mother$#&@er it's on

[The Gang]
Ay come on Bad A$$ let's do it ^!$$%, it's on now ^!$$%
Ay ay ^!$$%

What's up ^!$$% (What's up)
Ay ^!$$%
^!$$% the homie called, the big shot today ^!$$% (Word)

^!$$% you were ment to meet him today ^!$$%
(Man I take my baby inside today man)
What's up

^!$$%, Ay, We can't realy talk right now tough ^!$$% (Alright)
But uh, it's going down later on 9-30 ^!$$%

The big man hoe ^!$$%
Be there ^!$$%

[Bad A$$ ] What's up Daz Dillinger
[Daz] %#@!, Bad A$$, tryin' to keep it realer than real, man

Least half these punk $$#....
mother$#&@ing ^!$$%s around here bull%#@!tin'
The big spot ^!$$%, ain't clockin' no dollar.

[BA] Man I'm trying to have
Man I ain't trying to go for %#@!
[DD] Man you know my glock is hot


[Verse One: Kurupt Tha Kingpin]

I'm coming through your zone late night, %#@!
Dogg Pound Gangsta to flame the light %#@!
Cause I hold on,

I'm 20 feet tall
The biggest walkin' bill $#&@ around to get killed
Get shoot

Don't try to sneak a peak in my book
Home at hose, overdose the thoughts when he look
The forbidden

The hittin' zone that I'm hitting
Don't play with my intelligence ^!$$% as the heat slittin'

So I only got two choices; loc me the blasin' bomb
I bring the pain rains no (?)

Execution style is the shells from the heat veal
Down to the ground like the rest of the dummies
Just what the $#&@ you thinkin' try to play with my money

It's nothing but the Dogg Pound Gangstas
Mashes, verbal disasters, 38 stashes

[Verse Two: Tray Deee]
I arise in disguise to surprise that $$#

What you thought you caught me short
I might ride to blast
With the canna
We let the %#@! all up in your nuts
When ^!$$%s droppin', they stop with the plan they plots

Got to stop for my gate
With (?) of break
Marked ^!$$%s caught in, they try to win and get sprayed
Rip the gates
Go flip the page to chapter three

First groove, they fools can't come after me
I mash to free,
styles of catastrophe
Ask for G
A ^!$$% best to answer me

My rip long as the beach that I represent
Dead ^!$$% with my stare not to step to this

[Verse Three: Daz Dillinger]
Now o yeah Tray Deee
I mean I see the whole plot

Be on alert, ^!$$%s shot
Anywhere under that ^!$$% caught
So drop the microphone on my own
I shown to blown
Away for these MC's with the sludge of a chrome
I take the fang
Down on my own lyrical name

When the sees are changed ,
when the storms and hurricanes
Wide strand
Spittin' rhymes, the beats so precise
skatin' on mics like ice
Twice in the day

I get drunk,
(?) of plastic bags
Sack in the truck
because the rhyme as claim
I %#@! buck like the doctor
Coming through
Bouncin' with the droptop

Like gangstas chillin on the block
Nah, we ain't worry for %#@!
Got escape doors like Capone
Whit chick your dick on my clip
Forty-fives and nives
Three-eighties and automatics
Sniveling, coming through for you

when your boys with some stats
I got to have eleven to thrill of the drama
Enthusing me to gets my norm with the slaughter
Ought to be known as Daz Dillinger
For the %#@! that I known for
A Dogg Pound criminal

[Verse Four: Soopafly]
Now if the spot's hot
I hit the switch make the topdrop
Don't stop
It's Soopafly with the sho shot
Won't stop
I got ya whole %#@! to
Look and listen
I rendition the rhymes with precision
You can't face
Amaze me a place like a saddle
It's Dogg Pound Ganstas (?) like a shadow
I never met a mother$#&@er who can make you stick
I never met a mother$#&@er who can feel my clique
You serve, you'll make the twitch like a nerve
You'll try to step to my wild style seperve
Adjective the verve
Action pack with the words
I'll make it stop
The jaws drop and observe
I sold the block for Crook, Daz, Style and Tray Deee
We be coming with the %#@!
That be the bomb baby
And ain't a Dogg Pound Gangsta will knock you to the flow
Either you stupid as $#&@ or just don't know

[Verse Five: Bad A$$]
Now I know you, know you,
stupid as $#&@
@@#!, bust like a sawed off punk,
double barrel on 'em
Black gambinos at casinos
Get De Niro on 'em
If I want 'em
I go get 'em
If I gotta shot a nine
Twice, that's what I rhyme like
My clip ain't empty
Do try to test the ridah
Nativity simply
Bust, I lead inside ya
Find ya
Fear them, frightened for your life
With your last few
Live with hot live from gunblast
Outlaws, outcast
Low life, south last
Long Beach ^!$$%s blast
Yeah the b-side is right
The most, the coast
The west, the best
We damn (*##$es
Sippin', hittin' switches
Dippin' hittin' robbin' ^!$$%s
Itchy fingers on triggers
Itty, bitty ^!$$%s
Ready for war
We kick down your door
Draw eatin'
Lay everybody down on the floor

[Verse Six: Technique]
The same thing, different place
With snakes, cowards and strong grown
Robbery cases, ^!$$%s faces
On paperchase
It was seen, it was written
It ain't forbidden
For homies to be splittin'
Disagree, no one was hitten
Known with the curls
The many obstacles
Impressions to the feet from gettin' served
Growing up is rough
Your name
Here's the streets it gets tough
You can (?) and (?)
Then I guess you had enough
Over (?)
It ain't coincidental that I be distorted
And my manual
Is for seein', so I watch
Bodies and plots
Win the plots
Call the shots for your nuts
^!$$% grips
That's why I (?) my dippin' progress
Cause why is all we tryin' to defeat the progress
I just ain't the one mystic to hit
Young Jonesy sees
Who I got a mission to hit
And constantly flips scripts
Outta wall with balls fast talkin'
And quick draws
How the problem is solved
I want it all (I want it all)
But it's movin' to slow
I'm out to blow
I don't know which way to go,
was on the right path
I thought
Without doin' a dirty word about getting caught
("getting caught" [echoes])

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