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DAZ DILLINGER : Gangsta Shit lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "Gangsta Shit"

[Daz Dillinger:]
Yeah, you know when a ^!$$% ask me and say (that gangsta %#@!)
That's what I give 'em y'knahmsayin

Then I turn around and whip it up and I give 'em (that's that %#@!)
Then we just bubble it up, countin all the money
Because you know that's that (gangsta %#@!)

And then when I BALL OUT on your mother$#&@in $$#
It's to let you know (that's that %#@!)

You see I'm strapped up (brrrrrrrap) ^!$$% my pockets bulgin
Get a hole in your chest, $#&@ your eye swollen
The crank stolen, mother$#&@er yeah it's paid for

With thirty-six O-Z's of real Peruvian blow
A thousand grams, cop the whole ki
You get busted mother$#&@er you don't know me

Hundreds, fifties, twenties and tens
Even, fives and ones, even pennies even spend
I'm a hustler, adapt at wherever I fit in

Once I lace the whole city, everybody can get in
I ain't got no frizzends, business of this [email protected]%!e game
Rap game, $#&@ that, ^!$$% yo it's all the same

To want revenge wrapped around a {? } seperated
Two hundred and fifty thousand, ^!$$% you finally made it
Look at me now - can you tell the difference?

500 SLV's, a ^!$$% dippin
The streets got my back, everybody eatin
We ain't starvin no more, we ballin every weekend

New shoes for my feet and my car
See I'm shinin like a star, takin me afar
I got work, I'm sittin with a pound and a half a ki'

750 G's, blowin bomb weed
Now count it up, ^!$$%, imagine that
Once I recop ^!$$%, ain't no goin back

That gangsta %#@!

Say that's that %#@!
That gangsta %#@!
Say that's that %#@!

[Daz Dillinger:]
You see we comin up, let a ^!$$% have it

We keep it jumpin on the set like a $#&@in rabbit
I bust me a bad-ass (*##$
She don't know that I'm po' but um (that's that %#@!)

Say that you a gangsta, ^!$$% go on and show me
What'chu got, homey, yo $#&@ your homies
@@#! it back, show me what the matter fact the real is

This is what it is when a ^!$$% in the showbiz
What it do, what it do like a pot of soup
We stay in that loop, we smokin on that bomb fruit

Strawberries, pineapples, and it smell good
Where you find this, you can't get it in the hood
On the contrary yo it's necessary

Mash the pedal now a ^!$$% legendary
I'm gettin money, yeah a ^!$$% laughin
Daz gettin money and I'm havin cash

Cause I, cause I


[Daz Dillinger: singing]
And when we roll around the hood

You know we bang bang
VS all up the thing
A bunch of [email protected]#( sing (that's that %#@!)

Watch for the polices ^!$$%
Watch out for ^!$$%z
Keep yo' eyes opened

So yo you don't get plowed down
Stay on the grind, hand on your nine
Don't try to sho't me mother$#&@er cause I want mine

And if you can, speak to the man
Come do what you say mother$#&@er yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeahhhhhhh mother$#&@er straight up in your face

[Chorus: with ad libs]

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