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DAZ DILLINGER : A Message To Ricardo Brown lyrics

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DAZ DILLINGER lyrics : "A Message To Ricardo Brown"

Yeah, and I've been expecting you too mother$#&@er
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Throughout the world you heard the sound of gun shots
Buckin' ^!$$%z down on every corner and every street block

The feud has escalated into an all out war
All thugs and pimps and hustlas
Suckas and wannabe bustas try to determine

Who shall live and die among us
As the root prayed on the strong
And the strong prayed on the weak

Who shall determine to be that ultimate G
Is it you, or is it you?
Or will you sell your soul like the (*##$ ^!$$% you are

Or ride wit the Dogg Pound ^!$$%
For the worng or the right cause
You know what time it is ^!$$%

DPGC: U Know What I'm Throwin' Up
So all my ^!$$%z blaze up that mutha $#&@in' dope
Smoke with me, drift with me into my world

The world of gangsta %#@!
Y'all ^!$$%z know what time it is
Servin' suckas on a faulty platter

Like to say what's up to that (*##$ $$# mother$#&@er
Transformin' $$#, decpti-con, (*##$ $$# mother$#&@er: Kurupt "Dumb" Gotti
Is that homies is fo'?

Tell me ^!$$%, Is that homies is fo'?
Ain't no comin' back ^!$$%
You kicked off the set, yeah

Only thing you can do for me ^!$$% is gon' dat ^!$$%
[$#&@ Suge Knight] yeah
But you ain't got no heart like dat, I do

So when I see all y'all
It's on on sight
Yeah, and I'll Beacho Azz ^!$$%


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