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DAY26 : Bullshit lyrics

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DAY26 lyrics : "Bullshit"

Your girlfriend had caught you when you got in your ill
Telling you that she saw you clubbin' some will
With some other chick with long, curly hair

Kissing and rubbin' and touching all over her body

She's lying, I swear,

I could have who I want to,
but damn girl, I chose you
I'm tryina tell you, believe me she's lying

I'm not gon' beg, but I don't want you crying
If you wanted me I was home, oh no
Now I'm in the streets, you think I'm wrong

Some bull%#@!
I don't know what you're thinking,
girl let me have it

Cross my heart, that's my word
You want me? I'm telling the truth,
I lied before, not so with you

Some bull%#@!
Let me talk it out, baby if it's that you're looking for a way out
So be a woman, just say it now

Uuh, that's some bull%#@!, some bull%#@!

I'm supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but girl not with you

How in the hell did you ever become so damn insecure?
Maybe it's because of everything a [email protected][email protected] did before,
But you said you trusted me and we could move on

I made the changes that you asked me for
I could have who I want, true
Damn girl, I chose you!

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