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DAVINA : The Way You Do lyrics

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DAVINA lyrics : "The Way You Do"

[Verse 1:]
U Aint Even Knowin What U Do To Me-
Theres Somethin Bout U Baby That Keeps Callin Me-

U Got Me Feelin High Like Im On Ecstacy-
I Want U Next To Me- So Come N Step To Me.
I Feel Your Flow. Im Diggin Your Style.

Baby U Know Just How To Make Me Smile.
I Told U Once Before This Is As Real As Ull Get-
Baby Stick With Me And U Will Have No Regrets.

All That I Am Askin Is That U Keep It Real-
Im Lovin Everything About U N How U Make Me Feel.

U Were Seekin Me- N I Was Peepin U.
N Im Knowin That U See- Youre Diggin On Me Too.

U Mean So Much To Me- What I Say Is True-
N I Love What U Do To Me- Definitely-
I Just Love The Way U Do. The Way U Do.

[Verse 2:]
I Cant Seem To Understand The Feelings Youve Inspired-

The Passion That I Feel Inside- It Burns Like Fire.
Tryin To Find Excuses Just To Be Around Ya-
Im So Glad I Found Ya- Its Hard To Be Without Ya Now-

Right Before I Go To Bed- These Thoughts Up In My Head-
Its U Thats On My Mind- I Reminisce On What U Said.
It Was Inevitable- The Way That Is Goin Down-

Youre Unforgettable- Im Lovin Havin U Around.
Tell Me Again- Can We Be Lovers And Friends?.
Driftin On A Memory- Youre All I See-

Youre Where I Wanna Be- N Thats Definitely.
I Feel That I Am Fortunate N Lucky To Have U-
Im Not The Only One Whos Lucky Cuz U Got Me Too.

Call It What U Want- Its Fate Or Destiny.
U Get The Message Loud N Clear-
Baby Its Meant To Be.


Ooh. Ahh. The Way U Do- Its Just The Way U Do.
The Way U Do- The Way U Do.

[Hook Outro:]
I Love The Way U Do.

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