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DAVINA : The Definition Of A Gangsta Bitch lyrics

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DAVINA lyrics : "The Definition Of A Gangsta Bitch"

(feat. Megan)

[Davina's Intro:]

I Thought Ya Knew That I'm A Gangsta (*##$ N I'm About To Let U Know Wussup....
N U Uneducated Beezees Need To Listen To This If U Been Frontin' N Ya Doin' Too Much....

[Hook: Davina]
If U Don't Know Then I'm About To Let U Know- The Definition Of A Gangsta (*##$-
Her Mentality's Clever So U Better Never Start No %#@!- Don't Underestimate Her Or Degrade Her- She Gon' Handle It- N She

Stays Loyal To Death- No Hesitatin' That's The Way She Is- She Is The Definition Of A Gangsta (*##$....

[Davina's Verse:]

What Is A Gangsta (*##$?.... If U Aint Knowin' Try To Understand This- Let Me Lace Your Boots- I'm Gonna Be Lacin' U- Let
Me Show Ya Who She Is So U Embrace The Truth.... If U Could Take A Journey Through My Mind Then U Will See- That I Know Her
Kind Cuz She's Residin' In Me.... Eductae Your Mind- Don't Fall Behind- This Aint No Phase.... Hustlin' All The Time-

Steady On The Grind- This Is The Way- A Gangsta (*##$ Lives.... A Gangsta (*##$ Is The One They Fearin' N Respectin' But
They Always Love To Hate.... And If U Can't Comprehend- Then Follow Another Trend- If U Aint Got It Then- Don't Fake....
Don't Fake What You'Re Not- U Either Live It Or You'Re Taught- N If I Teach U How To Be- Don't Abuse The Lesson That U Got-

This Is Just The Way She Is- Through My Eyes See The Life Of A Gangsta (*##$....

[Repeat Hook:]

[Megan's Verse:]
From A Babygirl- Into A Bratty Kid- Now She's All Woman- N Even More A Gangsta (*##$- From A Young Age She Demanded

Respect- N If U Showed Her Love Nothin' But Love Is What U Get- But If U Cross Her U Will Find There's Always Reprecussions
When You'Re Dealin' With A Girl Of Her Kind.... If U Step To Her- It's In Her Nature To Defend- She Aint Goin' Out- She'Ll
Still Be Standin' In The End- N It Aint All About Girlfights N Eyeliner- When It Comes To Runnin' Game No Other (*##$'Ll

Take It Higher.... Don't Get It Twisted- There's More To Gangsta (*##$es- Still A Lady With Class- She's A Real Gangsta
Misses- An Authentic Woman Is How The Story Begins N That's How She'Ll Remain Until The End....

[Repeat Hook:]

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