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DAVINA : Refuse To Change lyrics

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DAVINA lyrics : "Refuse To Change"

[Pac Sample:]
"The Reason I Am Who I Am Today Is Because I Can Look Directly Into My Face And Find My Soul.... It's There-
It's Not Sold- I Didn't Sell It.... I Can Be Me- I Can Be Whoever Because I'm True To Me...."

[Verse 1:]
I Will Never Sell My Soul- N I Aint Never Sellin Out-

Ill Never Switch My Roll....
Cuz I Know My Place N I Know How To Shake
All The Fake %#@! In Order To Make It

Then I Gotta Take Control- Stay Up Out My Way-
Itll Be A Waste Of Time To Hate-
When The Hatred Takes Its Toll.

Cant Stop- Wont Stop Cuz Im Aimin For The Top
N Im Gonna Chop Ya If Ya Wanna Be The One To Bring Me Down-
Ima Reach For The Sky Even Tho Im Satisfied

With My Head Held High N Both Feet On The Ground.
Dont Expect Me To Cop N Give Up Everything I Got
Can Ya Just Respect That I Aint Frontin

N I Am Nothin Like The Crowd-
I Aint Bein What Im Not- No Matter What U Think Or Thought-
Im Too Damn Proud N I Aint Backin Down!.

I Can See Right Through-

Everything U Say-
Say U Want Me To-
Switch It Up N Change-

Change Myself For U-
And Undo My Ways-
But Im Stayin True-

And I Refuse To Change-
Change So Ill Fit In-
I Have A Higher Meaning-

I Dont Follow Trends-
I Was Born To Lead N-
I Aint Givin In-

I Aint Blendin In-
I Aint Switchin-
And I Refuse To Change....

[Verse 2:]
I Got My Pride N I Refuse To Be A Fool- U Played Yourself-

N I Cant Deny That I Can See Right Through U.
All U Do Is Run Your Mouth-
The Hate Is In Your Eyes When Youre Talkin About Me-

U Better Watch The Words That U Speak-
Speak The Wrong Words Itll Get Ugly-
Shut U Down So U Can Shut Up-

Speak The Wrong Words N U Will Get Touched.
Now U Been Plottin N U Got A Fat Issue-
And Ull Be Forgotten N Nobodys Gonna Miss U-

U Got Me Hot N Now Its Time To Talk To Diss U-
All The %#@! U Talkin- Got U Barkin- Ima Get U....
Back When I Was Feelin Down N Out

N U Were Quick To Kick Me While Im Down-
In The End I Rise- Though I Feel Desensitized-
Now Its Time To Speak My Mind-

N Let U Know What Im About.

[Repeat Hook:]

[Verse 3:]
U Better Look Me In My Eyes N I Bet Ull Find That Youre ***Prised

When The Outcome Isnt What U Expected-
I Tried To Tell U That Youre Never Gonna Waste My Time-
Youre Never Gonna Take Away The Fact That I Shine-

And U Can Try If U Want To- But Youre Never Gonna Be This Real.
If My Words Were A Weapon Then Im Aimin For The Kill-
N Ill Aim At Your Direction- No Regrettin How I Feel Now-

Id Rather Die On My Feet Than To Live On My Knees-
I Aint Tryin To Mislead The Way U That U Perceive Me-
N Lead U To Believe That I Am More Than What U See-

N All The Strength That I Conceive Is Cuz Im Stayin True To Me-
And I Dont Give A Damn Bout What U Say.
And I Refuse To Live My Life In Vain.

U Cant Ever Label Me A Disgrace-
It Dont Matter What U Say- Ill Never Ever Change.

I Aint Never Awitchin' Up....
This Is For Ya Haters N Ya (*##$es.

Cuz I Don't Really Give A $#&@....

[Pac:] "Fear Is Stronger Than Love.... Remember That. Fear Is Stronger Than Love....
All The Love I Gave Didn't Mean Nothing When It Came To Fear...."

"If Anything- My Mentality Was Like Trust Nobody.... Trust Nobody...."

"My Closest Friends Did Me In- My Closest Friends....My Homies- People I Done Took Care Of Their Whole Family- I Done Took
Care Of Everything For 'Em- Looked Out For 'Em-Threw 'Em In The Game- Everything.... Turned On Me...."

"-So I Just Thought About How Can I Make Them Sorry That They Ever Did This To Me?- U Know What I Mean?.... How Can I Come
Back 5o Times Stronger N Better?..........."

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