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DAVID CHOI lyrics : "We're Supposed to Be Happy"

Please let's not fight again like this
I wish that I could understand you girl
How are we ending up like this?

It happens all the time

Sometimes I know I'm like a dog

Don't know if I'm right or wrong
I might bark some stupid things
While not knowing what it means

And it pushes us apart
And I love the way you are

Why does this happen

We're supposed to be happy, happy, happy

But why aren't we?
We're supposed to be happy, happy
We're supposed to be happy

But why aren't we?

Thoughts come up time and time again

So afraid to lose my best friend
Cuz you are everything I've got
Why does it have to be so hard?

I've got to make it work this time
I will never stop trying

Cause you're mine




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