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DAVID CHOI lyrics : "This Is A Way"

Yeah I got a cold
And you got one too
My silly heart says youre a fool

Go take care of her
Shes all that youve got

All that youve wanted
And all that youre not

Ill leave my head for thinking
This jobs for a heart thats beating

I dont care if Im down
I dont care how I feel
I love you so much

That Ill always be here

Dont worry about me

Ill take care of you
This is a way to say that I love you

You tell me Im sick
With a giggle and stare
I hope that you know

That I really care

You get out of bed

Youre so messy and sweet
A kiss on my cheek



Not only today
But forever more

Until I die
Or you just get bored

Ill give you my all
Everything Ive got
Because of this heart



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Thanks to alexandra_feaa