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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "Who's That"

(Whos that peeping in my window
My folk dont understand so they dont take us serious)

David Banner:
Everybody wanna rap but y'all don't seem sincere
Do you realize the pain going on round here?

Think about the things that we putting in these kids ear
Is parallel to slave stories told by Ma Dear
I'm a man with a plan since fifteen on the corner

With some beats in my hand all rapped in Saran
Selling getting cash, stacks, wrapped, smacked in rubber bands
I was just like you, little n*gga skipping school

Smoking weed trying to $#&@ something
Then I had to move
Yeah God made me choose, the dope game, rap, or school

Cause its all $#&@ed up
That's word to my name, Now we All Screwed UP
(*##$es popping pills Now they all juiced up

Black women raise your kids
Cause we don't need a lil n*gga in the pen dodging dick
And I know it sounds six six six

Oil spills on the coast but BP STILL RICH
Man them white folk ain't going trip
Katrina, now this, they trying to break our spirits

The devil in the form of a lick
But ^!$$%s wannt rap, play sports and chop bricks x3

This is David Banner's
Mississippi country grammar

Im sick of all my n*ggas praising living in slammers
Board up your window neighbor, and save that peace %#@! for the pope
Cause there's a war going on, and its all about dope

The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting broke
Meanwhile ^!$$%s hating on my twenty-two spokes
On my caddy I eyed Cali cause I had to have more

Then a Pyrex visit, trying to flip a little !@%!e
Yeah I love black folks
We gotta do more than smoke

I got a flow like Muhammad when you up against the ropes
Every verse from now on is a mutha$#&@in Quote
For you f*ck $$# rappers, bending over for the soap

Yelling pause grand dad, NO NO
Star (*##$es in the crowd like I'm Tony Romo
I got a heart like a pit

Got beats like a pimp
I'm a man amongst women, let y'all play the (*##$
Got Boo on deck and too BIG K.r.i.t

Still articulating words with our southern accent

It's the mixtape song my n*gga
(Whos that peeping in my window
My folk dont understand so they dont take us serious)

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