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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "Talk to Me"

(feat. Lil' Flip)

[Hook x2: David Banner]

Now if these boys want war, talk to me now [x2]
Lay it down mother$#&@er, lay it down you (*##$ [x2]

[Verse 1: David Banner]
The cracker smacker, the heat packer, the car-jacker
The if you don't come off ya %#@!, then click-clack and blaka-blaka

The (*##$ smacker, the cash, the dough
The confetti get bustin', to feel in your head
Your blood, drip in a mug

Poppin' the slugs
Me I just don't give a high $#&@
'Bout none of yall, or ball

Flip, give him a call
On the celly, then it's on
War until your gone

Til' you die, decease
$#&@ it (*##$ ain't no peace
Ain't no makin' up

Bustin this 9 mother$#&@er
Until it's breakin' up
I told yall (*##$es that I'm clickin'

I'm flippin these twankies
Buckin' at ? like I'm spankin'
Like the way I $#&@ed yo babymama ^!$$% you should thanked me

What it is, handle yo biz, I'm all off in yo crib
With your miss, the father of yo kids, is right HERE!!!

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]

-Yeah, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Uh
Don't get your nose-broke (Nose Broke!)
Don't get your eye split (Eye Split!)

I hate you scary $$# rappers that be talkin' %#@!
You, $#&@ around and make me pull that tech and leave you wet boy
Three hours later I'm at the club in my vette boy

I get respect boy, I'll break your neck boy
They love my style from the east to the west boy
I keep a pistol for haters

We put them spinners on gators
$#&@ all the braggin' and boastin'
I'll leave you gaggin' and chokin'

You think I'm jokin, I'm not
I'll go to war for my ^!$$%z
Unless I die, I'll testify I'd go to court for my ^!$$%z

I'm from the land of the trill
Where perpetrators get killed
Around my way my ^!$$%

That's how we live

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - David Banner (Lil' Flip)]
-(Uh, YEAH!, Uh, Uh)

(Yeah you talk it but you don't mean it)
You got #~!!@ (*##$, and I seen it
And I smell it and inhale all the dro' that ^!$$%z a hoe

(Don't ask me to hit my weed, don't ask me to hit my drank)
(We the best collaboration ^!$$% $#&@ what you thank)
Like fiend on a tape, WHOMP WHOMP MUTHA!#@*A!!

And yo momma smoke crack, cuz she's a cheap dick sucka
(We got peanut-butter on 'lacs, from Texas to the Jack)
(And we keep heaters and milli-miters) Cuz we don't like the way yall act

And it's ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa, I'm knowin' where you are
I'm @@#!in' back my pistol, and I'm bustin' at ya car

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip - Talking] (David Banner)

Get buck mother$#&@er, Get buck ((*##$, Yeah!)
Get buck mother$#&@er, Get buck, give a $#&@ ((*##$, Yeah!)
(Lay It Down) Southside (Lay It Down) (*##$

(Lay It Down) [Repeated until song fades]

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