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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "So in Love"

[Intro: Mannie Fresh]
Treat your throwback chicks right
Ya know what I'm sayin they are people too

Every chick that I used to like
Done turned dike
And every chick that I used to dig hair real is really a wig

And every chick that I used to love (ohh!)
Done turned to drugs
But yet still I keep it real and I'm so in

[Chorus: x2]
I'm so in love with you

(and I ain't going no where me and you with our guns in the air baby)
I'm in love with you
(and I'm a stay down till these (*##$es put a ^!$$% in the ground)


[Verse 1: David Banner]

I remember those days I was broke and a (*##$ barely up
House smelling like some piss you was there for me
Rubbing my head saying its gone be alright

The hardest ^!$$% I was crying late at night it was $#&@ing with me
In a bucket we would mash out
When I did that bull%#@! and got caught you got my $$# out

You was that girl that would set that ^!$$% up
I was the man that would wet that ^!$$% up now $#&@ with me
And you did when they came to the crib

You grabbed the tech and started bussin' at a (*##$ aww %#@!, baby
You was my lady when the laughed at my clothes
In the front row when them hoes boo'd at my shows

And its cool cause you helped me through school
'95 selling weed in baton rough
And you stayed strong with a pimp trick

Whipped it out and sucked a ^!$$%z dirty dick, aww %#@!
Baby I'm sorry lets start brand new
The world against us all along us two

All the %#@! I done took you through
I'm a grown man now


[Verse Two: David Banner]

The second verse is for my momma you could truly serve a bowl
You were strong when daddy was gone
$#&@ a nice home

When I was dying as a baby, momma boo you stay true
I heard you whisper to the lord, let my child make it through
And I did I walked up in this (*##$ first born kid

Tell 'em $#&@ it billy went and hit a lick (Ha ha ha)
You were there when the times were hard
You're a blessing from the heavens not a breed by god

And if I die momma swallow the pain
I leave this earth with your blood up in my veins
Let it flow free, let it kill me

But its on, and the way we ridding caddies
Screaming out lil jones


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