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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "Peoples 2"

I'm the captain of the ship with the hooked hand

Y'all !@$@s peed their pants looked shooked at me
Life said O-ee I just took the can
Down the burp then I crushed the can

$#&@ you think you are
$#&@ you think I am
You are domestic violence I am Vietnam

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan
I'm a panic goon without a panic plan
God damn, like what happened to Louisiana

N I N Frank without an autobio
But !@$@s know I'll still go ham
And paco fake boy out of old school broham

They say no if, as a buts but I think not

I love big butts like Sir Mix-a-Lot
And if was a fifth we'd all be drunk
My dick's long like a baby elephant trump

And tell it to black man but a ^!$$% get drunk
My nuts on your (*##$ like an NBA dunk
Don't ask on the clump y'all ^!$$% get swamped

Young hoes show boats while ^!$$% gets sunked
Yeah money's the root of evil but I stay and getting paid
Like walking in AIG with a $#&@ing hand grenade

I south side ^!$$% spitting fire G5 flier
I'mma do you to get around like Quagmire

D a v I d B a double n e r
Put rappers IR,

I be fly into a beat like CPR
They say it's lonely at the time, we are
That's why I let you all visit

Taped out the summer jail without no tickets
Ride in the bentley the mansion the white picket
VIP everything but then you gotta spit (*##$

Or get rich, or die trying
You ain't got no pride, I'm like 5 lions
Want to be stars, constellation Orion

I'm Tiger Woods in the earth with a five iron

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