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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "Lost Souls"

We like to welcome yall back to mississippi we miss yall ^!$$%s.We just want yall to know got for the thugs to my ^!$$%

This is for my thug ^!$$%s all the pimps and the drug dealers theives and the mother$#&@in killers yeah the ones who ain't neva had %#@! that's why we get crunk in this (*##$.Repeat 1

[Verse 1:]
Days in the pen mama out suckin d*** I aint neva had fam so i ride wit my click.Said i'll die for my click tell these hoes die too.I woulda been a Lawyer by the age of 22 but i won't so i don't giva a $#&@ about killing you i'll sell crack too i will jack dudes. I drop out of school to buy my daughter some food.And her mama don't live around here no more,they took her life when they kicked in my door yelling (*##$ were the doorbell pow pow pow. They thought i was a beast tell the (*##$ look now.I'm gone smoke my weed I'm gone $#&@ me a hoe.I don't want yo doe.I gone kick yo doe.I gone slap yo hoe I'm gone take yo gate.When I'm thinking bout the Lord I got to see one day sorry damn.

[Chrous: x2]

[Verse 2:]

I'm gone get me a lack I gone ride down 10. I gone pray to the lord I won't die in the pen.Got to serve for my sins.I gone serve me a cop I gotta watch my back for these $#&@in undercovers.


$#&@ da cops $#&@ the (*##$ $#&@ em... (*##$

[Verse 3:]

I'm gone come to the crib I'm gone flood my block. I gone ride down the block yelling $#&@ Tren Lot.They done rape Grandmama they done took our land.Now they wonder why a ^!$$% don't give a hot...damn...damn

[Chorus: x2]

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