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DAVID BANNER lyrics : "Fuck 'Em"

(feat. Pastor Troy and Bone Crusher)

[Intro: Pastor Troy + (David Banner)]

(Hahaha) Yo yo (Bone Crusher)
Ya'll know what time it is!
Yeah ^!$$%, this your boy Pastor Troy

Check it out, I'm a tell ya'll
David Banner! Mississippi to Atlanta ^!$$%!

[Chorus x3]
[PT:] These ^!$$%z wanna hate?!
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[PT:] These ^!$$%z wanna mug?!
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] Wanna run up on a thug?!

[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] I'm a pump them a slug!
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[Verse: Pastor Troy]
My mind on money, what the hell you thinking bout?

The cars, the broads, the stocks, the house
To find my mouth, I'm spitting flames wit Banner
Mississippi putting it down wit Atlanta

No cameras, (*##$ this ain't no camera trick
Ain't no stunt man needed, (*##$ you best to believe it
Some ^!$$%z say I'm conceded, I say you God damn right

Them same mother$#&@ing ^!$$%z gon' get robbed tonight
You wanna pick up the fight? I wanna crank up the war
These ^!$$%z taking me light, how you gon' take the .44?

I ain't no hoe my ^!$$%, so don't you tamp-on me
Leave ya R.I.P., (*##$ this DSGP!
You see the horns on my head? ^!$$% you know I'm the devil

And I pack heavy metal, WHAT THE !#@* you gon' settle
(*##$ you better settle down I'm a real $$# ^!$$%
I'm strictly bout my scrilla, mother!#@* them ^!$$%z


[Verse: David Banner]
Hush lil' balla, gangsta cap peela
Who I be? this Mississippi trill ^!$$%!

$#&@ a hater (*##$, suck a dis
I'm down to take 9 wit a thirty something clip
And bust it on a (*##$, to me it ain't %#@!

I ain't did nothing but praise God and my clip
So come to Mississippi and we taking yo hoes, pick in yo dome
BOOM, hoes and clothes wit black .44s and Calico's

Give a !#@* what a (*##$ ^!$$% know, you know this
You getting stuck like Al Green and a (*##$ wit some hot grits
Tell em Yankees this a new day

Ya'll gon' speak about Mississippi in a new way
I got some peelas in Atlanta holla "you wait!"
And spelling bread raw backwards in yo two way, all life


[Bridge: David Banner]
Now put yo bangers up
Now put yo fingers up

Now put yo fingers up
Now put yo fingers up

[PT:] Police wanna stop the trill
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[PT:] Wanna ride in the chromie grill
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] I'm a bust the blue steel

[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] How you's gon' hate wit a stack of mill?
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[PT:] Girl get loose and pop the pill
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] You my down wit a (*##$ a feel (?)

[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[Verse: Pastor Troy]
Get loose, get neck, or get high tonight
Tell em thugs get ya boys we gon ride tonight

If I die tonight, man $#&@ em all good
Cause I left this (*##$ quiver left
And would ride man choo
What this hoe really wan' do? $#&@ or suck the stick
Like ooh, don't $#&@ me naw ^!$$%, I'll $#&@ you

Two, three in your face till you're blue - black
Would you $#&@ her wit a jack top man?
I'll shoot ya in your back like BLAT BLAT BLAT!!


[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!
[PT:] Say $#&@ them ^!$$%z
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[PT:] Say $#&@ them ^!$$%z
[DB:] $#&@ them ^!$$%z!

[Chorus - to fade]

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