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Dave Matthews Band : You And Me lyrics

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Dave Matthews Band lyrics : "You And Me"

Driving rain
Narrow shoulder
Breakdown lane

Marching forward
Going where i do not know
One eye on the open road

Stepping out in the great unknown
With a highway halo

Shaky face
Lily kimball
Patron saint

Traveling minstrel
Let her dusty wings unfold
Forgive her bad luck soul

Put her in a purple robe
And a highway halo

Passing trains
Sound like silver
Broken chains

Shine like gold
Fortune's just a painted stone
Going where them hobos roam

Crowned king of a jungle throne
With a highway halo

Going where it suits my soul
Can't you hear my big wheels roll
You can light up the darkest road

With a beam of eternal glow
With a highway
With a highway

With a highway halo

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