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DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL : Anyone, Anyone lyrics

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DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL lyrics : "Anyone, Anyone"

I'm not sure of anyone, anyone
But I've got plans
I'm not asking for everything but sure I could use a hand

Get a little anxious
Sometimes you'll be gone and I'll be left behind

Get a little nervous
Sometimes it'll be my cue and I'll forget my lines
Get a little lost look

And some staring from the corner of my eye
Never really mastered disinterest

I can't see how
The way that you leave me alone makes us close
I must be out of touch

I won't ask you
To give up on the things that seem to keep you gone
But I can be gone too

Feel a little sorry
Sometimes you're not here when I am writing

Feels a little awkward
Sometimes you won't talk but we're not fighting
You hold on to your secrets

And I'm not privy to what is on your mind
But I can't help but feel tired
So tired, so tired, so tired

So tired

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