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DARK TRANQUILLITY lyrics : "The Silence In Between"

Exaggerate what the words wont say
Build an argument against yourself
Sit this one out

As the silent treatment speaks

The walls are coming down

All we need is
One to fail, one to break
One to take it all away

What if we crumble,
What if we fall
Where is the flame

That torched the soul
Truth when spoken
Dies down to nothing

We challenged light and flame,
And settled for the dark

With pressure built to a point
Deflated before its time
We set our world on fire

Yet lost the will to burn
Not set a tone but a distance
The silence in between

Whatever validates
The anger kept inside

Nothing ties the world to me
Not a page of history
Cannot talk the pain away

Nothing tie the world to me

The silent treatment gets to me

So few and far between
These great dividing acts
Behind those silent eyes

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