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Dark Moor : The Sphinx lyrics

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Dark Moor lyrics : "The Sphinx"

Who knows the whisper of the secrets of our lives?
The treasure of Chimera's daughter
Perhaps could be the truth of the world's strife

Or will I just find the end of time?


Body of lion
I look your face of woman
In defiance

Of your enigmas
Wings of eagle
Who devours men for Hera

Broken riddle!
Listen your end!

You, who lies in hidden dark seas of sand
Among the dunes
You, malicious creature, who enslaves my land

With ancient runes
The man is my answer
The dream of one romancer

The son of the heaven
Whose deadly sins are seven
My hope is the knowledge

The sacred wisdom
My word is the sentence

Jump to the void!
My arms destroyed!

Although the Monster was defeated by the man
The olden secrets not left the world
Perhaps it was forgotten since the life began

Or is the man himself the Sphinx?

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