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Dark Moor : For Her lyrics

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Dark Moor lyrics : "For Her"

After the war
I was for ten of those years of yore
Lost in the sea

By a harsh god's agency

But through the years

Love urged my will to be solid and clear
And for my wife
I risked the loss of my life

[Bridge I]
For her

I did not eat lotus from it's twig
For her
The sorceress could not change me into pig

For her
I blinded the Cyclops' single eye
The cannibals did not make me die

All for her


For her
I worked my way
For her

I moved away
From my Destiny
Shipping across the sea

For her
I could resist
In my frail heart, the Fortune's twist

And I was the last
True hero from the past
Sailor, come here...

I hear a trace of the ocean noise
Fascinated... !
The move of waves is like a voice

Hero come near
I can hold on with a tight rope
Captivated... !

I've got a hope

[Bridge II]

For her
I could put up with the nymph for long
For her

I could escape from the soft sirens song
For her
I had to face the women delight

And nobody could defeat me in fight
Just for her

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