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DANNII MINOGUE : Feel Like I Do lyrics

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DANNII MINOGUE lyrics : "Feel Like I Do"

I’m happy bangin my feet
I’m steppin up on the beat
This music’s stickin on me

Now I wanna guilty pleasure

I see you’re new at ‘la suite’

I’m up for breakin your beat
So baby take it from me
That I want you now or never

Give me heavy disco
So we can take it to the floor

You’re my only way to let go
Cuz I ain’t got nothing to lose

Nobody knows you baby
I’m coming over now

And I got a feelin that you
Feel like I do
I want your number baby

So write it down on me
If you want what I want then you
Feel like I do

I’ll tell you all my secrets
I want a night to regret

Go some place not so crowded
Somewhere we can talk about it

Give me the thrill of the chase
Till I’m so outta my face
That I won’t care about it

Send me into automatic

Give me heavy disco

And we can take it to the floor
You’re my only way to let go
Cuz I don’t need nothin but you


Hangin round with you
Kissin like a fool
Leave my print on you

Kiss me like a fool


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