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DANIELA ANDRADE : Dark Passenger lyrics

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DANIELA ANDRADE lyrics : "Dark Passenger"

You were a call
that I couldn't put down
you stayed in my mind late into the night

my dark passenger

It's a war in my mind

as you sharpen the blades
I try to be good but it's not as good
as being insane

Could you tell me if I
have a chance to be free?

Cause it burns every hour of every day
being me

I've got pockets of ease
I've got slides of decay
got a mind full of people that I once loved

and betrayed

I go looking for fear

down the alleys and homes
It's a war in my mind but I can't shake off
the joy in my bones

Could you tell me if I
have a chance to be free?

cause I know I can love , I know that I'm doing
more harm to me
It's the flashbacks the blood

it's an essential need
I've gotta get back to the boy that was taken from me

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