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Danger Danger : I Do lyrics

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Danger Danger lyrics : "I Do"

Love does it ever feel alright
Why must it hurt us so much
Still we try, giving more than we take

But it seems like it's never enough

Promises made in the heat of the night

Only leave us so cold
Nowhere to turn
When we turn out the lights

It feels like we're livin' alone

Now these days

We just sleep in our beed
Bur I didn't forget what I said

'Til death do us apart
Always and forever's what I swore to you
For better or worse

I meant it when I said It
every word was true
Still is..I do

Time, feel slippin' away
Pulling us further apart

But I know if we give love a chance
We'll find the strength in our hearts

Emotions in motion, lie hidden from sight
Trapped behind balls of doubt
We're dead to the world

But you're still my girl
And together we'll find our way out

We bought the dream
And the white picket fence
And this ain't the way that it ends


We were gonna be different
We were gonna be strong
And I still believe this where I belong

I'm holdin' on!



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