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Danger Danger lyrics : "Goin' goin' gone"

Four in the mornin', goin' outta my head
Thinkin' about you, in some other man's bed
Can't shake the feelin', you been doin' me wrong

I feel it in your touch, the writin's on the wall
No more games, no more little white lies
Who do ya think you're foolin', did ya think I was blind

You can't hide the truth, just cover it with sand
It's a smokin' gun in your hand


Now I'm goin' ?

Goin' goin' gone
It ain't no mystery
Goin'... goin' goin, gone

I'm history
Once, there was a time I believed
There was a future for you and me

But like the rain, it all came crashin' down
In the beat of a heart, it was a terrible sound
I woke up screamin', and the house was on fire

My soul was bleedin', I was hangin' on a wire
Then I looked in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw
Ain't gonna feel that way anymore


Stepped to the table, and I bet it all
I rolled the dice and walked away with nothin'
Just like money, with love there is greed

Sometimes you get what you want
But it's never what you need...



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