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Danger Danger lyrics : "Comin' Home"

Spent half of my life
On the run
From tired love

And endless heartache
I feel like I'm ready for a change

And I made some mistakes
In the past
Even some

I've learned to live with
But I'm so tired of runnin' away

I was down and out
And I had my doubts
hTat we'd ever meet again

I was so confused
I had nothin to lose
But you

And that's the last thing I wanted

I'm comin' home

I'm comin' home

Just like the rodeo

A lonesome cowboy
Without a home
Driftin' like tumbleweed

I blew from town to town

So many promises

I had to make
But I could never keep
I will be there for you

When all the bets are down

When you're down and out

And you have your doubts
I'll be there to make you smile
You can count on me

"Cuz I'd do anything for you, yeah!
Baby hold on!

I'm comin' home
I'm comin' home

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