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Dan Hill lyrics : "Sour Whiskey"

Hand me down another whiskey sour
I'm a willing victim to it's spell
And I just can't rebel

I'm far too thirsty and too tired
Hold me like you'd hold a broken soldier
Who's forgotten the meaning of war

Please don't' close that door
I'm about as pure as a children's choir

Can you spread your warmth over me

Chase the clouds from the sky casually
Make me feel like a child
Once again

How does it feel lost in the sky
Is it dizzy looking down from that high

Well you know
You've always got a friend

One more drink and this day'll be over
I can already feel the cold
My jacket I sold

For fifteen dollars worth of booze
One more drink and I'll be off on some

Looking down at this world below
I'm so high that I'm low
But this is the only life I'd choose

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