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Dan Hill : I Dream I Saw Your Face Last Night lyrics

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Dan Hill lyrics : "I Dream I Saw Your Face Last Night"

As I gaze into the sky
There's a shooting star that's falling
As it dwindles into floating dust

My name I hear it calling
Oh God I'd love to be free
But there's something wrong, you see

I can't make it
Just with me
I'm lonely...

Well I dreamt I saw your face last night
Just an image in the long

While falling through space I felt
Just you and me
And god

I just don't know if I can believe in you
The dreamer deep inside me
Surely wants me to

If only dreams come true

At times I get this feeling

That there's more to my life then greets my eyes
Just a crazy kind of feeling
Then I take a look around

This world's falling down
Only a clown could believe ...believe

Well everyone's had hopes I guess
On how the world should be
Everyone's had dreams that just elude reality

Oh and God your name's been used
For politics for power

God your name's been used
For all the love that towers
But has yet to fall - upon us all

Well I dreamt I saw your face last night...

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