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Dan Hill : Fountain lyrics

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Dan Hill lyrics : "Fountain"

Woman please don't try
Explaining how or why - I understand
Love's too beautiful to explain

And nothing can be wrong
With loving him again
He really loves you

I can see him in your eyes
And like a fountain
You offer no disguise

And babe, I'm glad you've never tried

And the night times that we shared

Made me gratefully aware
That I was happy
So real so undefined

And I just want you to be you
In a lifestyle undefined
You really love him

I can see you in his eyes
And like a fountain
He offers no disguise

And babe, I'm glad he's never tried

I read somewhere

That grown men never cry
Their heart just freezes over
For a day

So instead - here's my masculine
May love be with you all the way

My guitar does all my crying
There's happiness combined

With the pain within my mind
You gave me feelings
That I never knew existed

And all you'd do is laugh
And my defenses would be lifted
And I love you

You're sketched so softly in my eyes
And like a fountain
I offer no disguise

And babe, I'm glad I've never tried

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