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Dan Hill lyrics : "14 Today"

14 today and you went dancing
Music mixed with laughter
And boys can be so insecure

They made you drink a bit too much
Everything's a blur of feel and touch
Did he really like you

How can you be sure enough

23 today and all your friends are getting married
You say they're so scared of being alone
So self righteously you march though teachers college

Still so much in life you gotta get to know
Seems like everybody's so content to move so slow

And when you think you've got your life so well controlled
It slips away
And the years like raindrops falling from your life are

Washed away
You're so brilliant, you're so gifted, so sensitive, so strong
As you hide behind your barricade of words

But no one got close enough to you to have ever heard

I met you at a party you were drunk and full of world advice

And I was getting nervous
You said you had a child who was a genius and you smiled
As the living room transformed into your circus

Someone whispered you were 39 today a face so you
Eyes so old
You collapsed into the corner

Like somebody of raw nerves you near seduced me
With your verbs
As I reached out for you

You said over and over

Children come home from school

Shout and laugh with all their life
%#@! em out fast before you think of the past
Turn out all your lights

Go to bed got to sleep don't think don't feel
As the night time moans a prayer
That maybe somewhere deep inside

There's some meaning aching to be shared

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