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DAMIAN MARLEY : Cruise Control lyrics

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DAMIAN MARLEY lyrics : "Cruise Control"

Sore throat in the morning
Sore throats at night
I've still got a sore throat from all the shouting in our last fight

C-c-c-c-c cat fight! (x4)

Fat lip in the morning
And a fat lip at night
I've still got a fat lip from the punches thrown in our

C-c-c-c-c cat fight! (x4)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oooh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh ho

I felt for her again (x4)

She fell and i'm thinking she might share my name

Scratched up in the morning
Scratched up at night
I've still got scars from the scratches you gave to me and kept in our

Cat fight!

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