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DAME : Don't Fuck With My Dreams lyrics

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DAME lyrics : "Don't Fuck With My Dreams"

(Dame's Verse)
anti-social means
thats where you have to say $#&@ being emotional

and start living up the $#&@ing reality
if she asks me
i couldnt even tell her what all this $#&@ing %#@! means

because it really seems
im drowning in a sea full of my fantasies
im hoping to come up the water catch a breath to breathe

and live my dreams
so i could never ever leave my dreams
but it could always leave

me even though its hard work for
i could lose all of it with the most slightest ease
i see the bright lights

like it was christmas eve
i hear the nights cry
while my name is what the people scream

thats what i dream and most likely become to be
guess what i told my friends what i was going to be
a rapper but like me

cant believe things
until you actually seen it
then finally say

oh my $#&@ing god i cant believe it
thats damian
thats who i use to be bestfriends with

just because of the famous spot
i will always clown and smile alot
nothing different

havent forgot about the people my friends my ^!$$%s even the last girlfriend
nor my fam
save the best for last

its not my intentions
to be forgetting
but stay attentive

of my attention
so my fans can feel
where i come from

with all these feelings i mention
my music is where i puts my heart in it
dont stomp it

dont $#&@ with it
now im down with this
too many emotions on this

next feeling crossed off this list
i wonder how i do this
but just dont...

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