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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Through The Flame"

We are on a journey in a foreign land

Weary pilgrims trying to find our way

We really don't belong here, we're just passing through

We're all looking for a brighter day

One day we'll see Jesus, look upon His face

And when we stand before Him on that day

We will sing His praises, shout His name on high

And with the host of Heaven we will say.

Chorus Through the flame, through the fire

Through the storm, through the flood

We have been lifted higher by the strength

And by the blood of the Lamb!

Vs. 2 Through some tribulations, through the tempter's snares

Always with our foe on every side

We kept pressing onward to a promised land

Often as by fire we were tried

Soon it will be over, never more to roam

As our weary souls to Him we bring

Laying down our sorrow, lifting up our praise

To the Rock of Ages we will sing.

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