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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "More Than We'Ve Ever Dreamed"

The years they come and go

Like clouds on a windy day

The moments pass so swiftly

Our lives just slip away

Sometimes we fear that life

Is all we're living for

But there is more, more than we've ever dreamed

Chorus There's more, more than we've ever dreamed

More, more than we've ever imagined

There's a brand new world

That lies before us

Heaven's home is waiting for us

(With) more, more than we've every dreamed

Vs. 2 The mercies of the Lord

Are fresh and new each day

The treasure of His grace

Will never fade away

He is our only hope

The one we're waiting for

And still there's more, more than we've ever dreamed

Bridge More, more than we imagined

More, more than tongue can tell

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