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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Man From Galilee"

She was brought before the master

She was found in compromise

And her life was a disaster

Till she looked into her Saviour's eyes

And she saw no accusation

Her accusers slipped away

A complete emancipation

Caused her thankful heart to say

Chorus There can be peace tonight

In the heart of the forgiven

And everything's all right

For the soul that's been set free

Like every sleeping child

Knows the gentle smile of Heaven

There's mercy in the rouch of

The Man from Galilee.

Vs. 2 He had lived his life in blindness

What could he aspire to be

Then the Saviour showed him kindness

And He made his blinded eyes to see

When they asked about his story

Who it was who gave him sight

He said: "I was blind this morning

But I'm seeing fine tonight."




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