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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Just What I Do"

You know I've been down the road,

Been around the bend.

You know there were times when I really

Wished it all could end;

Not 'cause I did not love, not 'cause I did not care,

Never because there were times when I did not

Think that You were there.

It's just that sometimes

I wonder 'bout this thing I do -

Running 'round the world,

Singing my songs for You.

I do it because You love me,

And I do it 'cause I love You,

But sometimes I worry that

I do what I do

Because it's just, it's just what I do.

People sit out in the dark;

I stand in the light.

Often times it hits me so

That this just don't seem right.

Who made the decision, who said this must be?

Sometimes I wish I were you

And you could just be me.


Oh, please don't worry 'cause I love Him so

And I'm in no hurry to leave what I know.


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