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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "It'S Time"

Woke up this morning

Sat at the breakfast table

Picked up the paper read the news

Another war in some far off corner

Who will win who will lose.

Down at the store beside the checkout counter

A picture of a little girl

It's been a year since anyone has seen her

Is she still living in this world.

Well it breaks my hear, this world that we've made

And it's time we made a change.

It's time to turn back the darkness

Time to believe what we've been told

That the earth is the Lord's and its fullness

So be strong, be brave, be bold.

It's time to go, it's time to do

It's time for me, it's time for you

We've got power in His name.

Until He comes

We've got to fight the battle

Until the victory is won

We can't give in the Crown of Life is waiting

For all the ones who overcome.

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