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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Heal Me"

I knew life had its valleys

Never thought that it would not be so,

But even if they'd told me

I never would've thought they'd be this low.

I've stood upon the mountain

Looked across to higher peaks and more,

But the only way to reach them

Is to journey through the lowly valley floor.

How long have I been travelin'

Days or year, sometimes I just don't know.

How deep is this valley,

And how many more miles must I go?

My body's growing weary

Seems my strength has all but slipped away.

Oh, God, You've got to help me;

Place Your healing hand on me today.

Heal me, touch me with your love

Heal me, send Your Spirit from above

(And) Hear me, help me Lord I pray,

Jesus come and make me whole today.

Oh, God, I know You're faithful,

Leading me each step every day,

But sometimes in the valley

I just forget You've often passed this way.

The path is steep and narrow;

Seems this upward climb will never stop,

So, God, I hold to you,

And in strength I know I'll make the top.

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