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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Gone Forever"

Lay my head upon my pillow

Trying hard to sleep.

Lying in a bed of comfort

I began to weep.

How can I just dream my dreams

And simply drift along,

When I know by the time I wake

Thousands will be gone.

(They'll be) Gone forever, perishing alone,

Gone forever, never having known

Of One who loved them with a love

They never knew in life.

So I cry in the darkness

Cause they never saw the Light.

Lord, how it must break Your heart

To see them slip away.

Perishing in countless numbers

Every passing day.

Half the world has never yet

Even heard Your name

And those of us who know You well

We're the ones to blame.

And how will they know

And now who will go

To take the message of your love to everyone.

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