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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Face To Face"

There is a love that I have known

It's a revelation

Here in my life it stands alone

As my soul's salvation

A refuge I hold on to

The one thing that sees me thru

Vs 2 It comes from the One Who bled and died

To be my forgiver

It flows from His hands, He feet, His side

Into a river

That rushes fast and free

And washes over me.

Chorus Heaven and earth may pass away

But I know I've found amazing grace

And I'm only waiting on the day

When I can see Jesus face to face

I want to see Jesus face to face.

Vs 3 He has been faithful through the years

He has never wavered

He's calmed every storm and dried my tears

He's my only Savior

I don't know where I would be

If He hadn't rescued me

Repeat Chorus

Bridge He's every move I make

He's every breath I breathe

With every step I take

I do believe

Repeat Chorus

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