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DALLAS HOLM lyrics : "Chain Of Grace"

I've seen seeds fall from calloused hands;

I've prayed and prayed for rain.

I've got blisters on my heart,

Where I've been raking weeds away.

I've seen souls sprout up from the soil in rebirth,

And reach their roots out across the earth,

Growing wild, wild, yea.


There's no better feeling when you see the tears

Fall down as evidence that He is here.

Jesus keeps changing lives

When we spread the Word and watch the number climb.

Oh to be a link in this line of faith,

To help steer somebody to see His face;

Then watch them turn around and do the same thing,

In this chain of grace.

He said take My Word and spread it out,

Go cultivate some fields.

Raise babes into their servanthood,

Until they're ready to take the wheel.

I praise the Lord for those I may never meet

Who some time and place I may have reached,

Through Your perfect love.


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