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Da Brat lyrics : "Whats On Ya Mind (Feat. 22 & Latocha Scott…"

F/ 22, latocha scott, trey lorenz

Ay homie

Ay yo
%#@! wassup with you
What...i make ya ^^&$#* huh (giggle)

I make ya ^^&$#* huh (giggle) %#@!
You act like you want some ^!$$%.....do you?

(da brat)
Di di di da di di di da di day

I'm on the dance floor and you up on it in every way
Day to day you think of me
Can't wait to get to the club to see my face just to smoke and drink with me

The dj keep spinnin' the hot records
Make the whole table go crazy the first second
Third i'm ready and able to hit the middle

Under that disco ball so i could shake a little
This %#@! for yall who dance with me
Touchin' my $$# and !@%$ so frantically

Don't get carried away with it
I'll let you have a little fun if you play with it
Insatiably, when i### i do it patiently

Cuz if it ain't all night it's a waste to me
You been chasing me for the longest time
Like billy joel so please tell me what's on ya mind..^!$$%

Homie, you act like you want some

Now tell me, do i do i make ya ^^&$#* huh
All up on me having a good time
I just wanna know what's going through ya mind mind mind (say 2x)

(da brat)
I put my hands on the back of your fade

And we danced till the crack of dawn came
To the sun raise up it's on
Still got stamina to take you home

Brat the damager managed to handle any position handed to her
You wanna $#&@ with the funk bandit
Leave it alone when the sweat trinkle down my cleavage you can't stand it

And you ain't even believing you dancing with brat
And making eye contact
Homie put your hands on my waist and occassionally

Run your fingers through my fresh $$# braids and say to me
That you feel ^^&$#* cuz i wanna know
If you want some of this i wish you tell me so

Cuz if i let you touch me i must want you to go
Home with me be alond with me to get some mo'
Cuz we smoke we drink we bump and grind

And even though i'm tipsy i wanna know what's on ya mind

Chorus: say 2x

Brat now let me rock it from a ^!$$%s perspective

No chick can neglect this
Just listen when i stress this
The (*##$ was breathless

Big lips so thick make me wanna drop draws
Star had me rock hard shaking like a !@$^star
Uh huh wassup shorty

Won't you be my sweet lover friend what homie
Thug love homie brat put you up on pink lemonade
That's why i don't attract rats with my serinades

Stack off plubicades
Lack when it comes to brains
More than 2 women i'mma stack'em then play the game

Rack'em they love my name 22
Cuz they figure amongst themselves can i really enject 2
With my nine inch source see me climb in the nookie screaming

Everything is mine while i'm grinding the #~!!@
Can you picture that what's on ya mind baby push me
I don't mind raiding the jar just to get a cookie, uh

Chorus: say 4x

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