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Da Brat lyrics : "That's What I'm Lookin' For"

F/ jermaine dupri, lil' mo, missy elliott

[jermaine dupri]:

Y'all thought we wasn't gonna make a remix to this
I want y'all to bounce wit me, wit me, wit me, wit me

Brat, missy, jd
Come on

[missy elliott]:
Yo, come here baby, let me kiss ya

Let me see what'cha bought when I'm wit'cha
Let me see what'cha talkin bout big shot
If you got that doe, can I get some?

Let me see that benz, can I drive, dude?
Can I have when I ride right beside you?
Oh, side by side, I got my crew

Oh, you act a little funny ^!$$%, $#&@ you
Cause I'm that (*##$ wit the six shots
Six blocks, big knots, big tick-tocks

Drop tops, %#@! won't stop
Y'all flop when miss' drop, I rock {*dogs bark and growl*}
I'm gon' get'chall

Bang bang to the boogie, take a picture
Of a hot girl and big time
Wit a thong, it's on when I hit'chall

That's what I'm lookin for

[jermaine dupri]:

I'm lookin for a (*##$ that'll switch that thang

From right to left like no other
Type of girl that'll blow your brain
Wanna rock your chain

Make you wanna take to meet your mother
No matter what baby keeps it name brand
Never let a ^!$$% change her game plan

Even though it might look like she switch up
Everynight honey $#&@s with the same man
Hit the mall, get fresh just like I do

Wanna have wild sex just like I do
Bottle to the neck just like I do
That's what I'm lookin for

She gotta be jazzy (uh-huh, uh-huh)
But when she do her thang it's ghetto style
Tellin me "jd, ^!$$% say my name."

Like she a new member of destiny's child
I like those that got hair but still rock a weave
Know just what to do to make a ^!$$% not leave (oh)

Know just what to wear to make a ^!$$% go dream
Know just what to say to get the bling (that's what I'm lookin for)
For others she won't but will for me

Come in and pay some of these bills for me
Not just standin around lookin real pretty
I'm talkin bout a (*##$ that'll kill for me

(that's what I'm lookin for)

(jermaine dupri chorus)

Where my thong wearin shorties at?
Got the game down packed
Got their own car, little crib and a doe stack

That's what I'm lookin for
They know just what a brotha needs
How to throw it and make him not wanna leave

When it's time to go down, they ain't scared to freak
That's what I'm lookin' for
And where my proda wearin shorties who

Claim they don't love you
But anytime you want somethin done, they'll do it
That's what I'm lookin for

Them 4, 5, 6 types
Down to do it all night
See that there, is the type of (*##$ I like

That's what I'm lookin for

[da brat]:
Oh yeah
See me, I like a big, buff ^!$$%, get tough ^!$$%

Sex me rough 'til I beg to get up ^!$$%
What's up?
You got a hot cars?
I'm-a need to ride find what I'm lookin for
To bump these hot boys, let me get the visa

So I can discover your mastercard
Let's cruise the beach and then park the yacht
At the dock at the beaches
Don't stop, got nothin but hot releases
A thug by my side cause I need em

Forget any reason I give
He'll stop a ^!$$% from breathin cause he lives for me
Dedicated to brat only
That sexy smile, personality, my complexion give a ^!$$% erections
Condom in the bra for my protection

Tell ya at the end let me get it lashaun
What's my name?
And I can $#&@ all night to the break of dawn
Lookin for me, a thug that's ready to get it on
I'm like em athletic down to sweat

Cause he gotta get it
Cut, split it and wet it, servin me cause he loves to get it
And it tastes so good he'll never forget
Believe me when I spit
It's the part that moves his body (come on)

(missy elliott & lil'mo chorus x 1)

Move your body, move to the music
Grab somebody, keep it movin
Get up on the dance floor, shake your thang now
Everybody in the club
That's what I'm lookin for

(da brat chorus x 1)

Where my rollie wearin thugs who
Claim they don't love you
But anytime you want somethin done they'll do it
That's what I'm lookin for
The ball all night type, frontin, screamin thug life
That's the type of ^!$$% I like
That's what I'm lookin for

(missy elliott & lil'mo chorus x 1)

(da brat chorus x 1)

(missy elliott & lil' mo chorus x 1)

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