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Da Brat lyrics : "Pink Lemonade"


Cool, refreshing cool, (ooh ooh)

It taste best with you
Add that sugar baby in my pink lemonade

[Da Brat]
If ya thirstay I could possibly slide down your throat
If you work may let's say we skip the foreplay

Picture me kicking in the doorway to set off the storay
Negligée hot tip of the knockers stay brick like rocks
Figure if you drop ice here I don't stop

'cause it's twice as nice when it's frosted up
Sweetness like this could never cost enough
With a so so twist try this stuff

Mouth watering love succulent to all taste buds
Must of been us you was dreaming of the crush
I breeve on 'em and make 'em feel the lust

Then jiggle the lemons a little so they feen to touch
Cream to us say nuh thing to us scared
Premium pink stuff and swing with us sweetened it up

To it make you wanna say ooh it's cool

Chorus: say 2x

[Da Brat]
I'm weighed in at one tree five a big gulp size

Seven eleven can't satisfy your appetite all night
JD and I planned it to be dickable so it's alright
You can come and escapade in my escalade

Lay me flat on my back and slurp away
I get action in a Bentley with no brains
Just pure satisfaction cracking with no cain

I came for the thrill of it I ain't looking for real love
Just the feel of it
After just one taste you still bugging

Da black cat make you wanna handle business
Until the pleasure principle kick it it
If you hit this I'll make you tell your wife and your mistress

To leave town 'cause they been evicted
Hit up a record store pick up Brat and get addicted

Chorus: say 2x

[Da Brat]

A thirst quenching mouth watering concoction
Your only option drink to ya pink why stop it
One think it's refreshing isn't it the best when you sipping it

Heaven sake honey buns built for dipping in
Money come quicker than a two minute brother
That concentrate on stiffin' when he love it

Stick when too dry so keep sturring
It still be the sweet even if it turn syrup
Hurry up and get a cup full cop fills and get' cha cap peeled back

Rash a little rat first smash went classic
Even with my homies hlep on the west you wack
Sincerely Brat where my girls at

We stick together in the rain
Batches of pink lemonade bringing da pain
Any day and every minute make you wanna get up in it

'cause it's just that cool

Chorus: say 4x

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