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Da Brat lyrics : "May Da Funk Be Wit 'cha"

(Verse 1)
Now back from the 6-o-6-4-4 full of indo
Untypical is that bad $$# ho

B to the R to the A to the T
Ain't no (*##$ is this industry that can see me
The city of C-H-I is where I'm from

The 3rd mother$#&@er to drop the bomb on the bomb
And here I come steady breakin bustas off
Up to bat is Da Brat and ain't a damn thing soft

About me, no doubt the B-R-A-T
Is all up in that $$# for the mother$#&@in ninety's
So funkdafied who can be this lady

Brat westside bustin like a 380
From the top of my head to the sole of my feet
Broke down smoked out locced out is she

That (*##$ that'll hit ya get ya
And when you bumpin up my %#@! may da funk be wit 'cha

Fall into the groove of the waxin
Let my music take you high-e-i

Lay back kick it and enjoy the ride
And move that body from side to side

(Verse 2)
A real fresh voice over top of low frequency

Is the chain like connection between you and me
Why? Cause I got that bump de de bump
And baby you got them humps in your trunk

So it's on (%#@!)
Lay back ^!$$% we fin to ride
I gotta get high I gotta get mine

Baptized all up in this funky %#@!
Fired up is that (*##$ that you just can't with
I got what you need do you wanna fly?

This is your brain on drugs and I
Have been captured taken over by
The captivating strength of the most funkdafied high

It's like fire locked in my bones
Get smoked the $#&@ out it's the funk bring it on (oh yeah)
And that's how I hit ya

And when you bumpin up my %#@! may da funk be wit 'cha


(Verse 3)
Hypnotized by a mother$#&@er puttin it down

It's Da Brat watch your back when I'm in your town
Cause I gotta be funky I gotta be me
I gotta be that same (*##$ from the streets

A woman of my clad
Commin up with the mother$#&@ing funk so I know my track
Right, can you feel it do you hear what I hear

Nothin but the funk bumpin up in your ear
Double S-O definitely
So locced out that it's just so s-o crazy

Brat on that $$# fallin back once more
Getting filled on full with that %#@! from the ghetto
You better ask somebody if you don't know

I'm from Chicago and you can't fade this ho
And that's how I get ya
And when you bumpin up my %#@! ^!$$% take the funk wit 'cha


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