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Da Brat lyrics : "Just A Little Bit More"

To the beat beat and ya don't quit %#@!

Before the sun shines the rain falls

Applause the encore
Haven't you heard of a (*##$ who can open like pores
Pop a ^!$$% like a pimple keep it simple enough

Make em wonder what the $#&@ happened leavin em stuffed
Get that $$# kicked fast quick in a hurry
You felt the fist of fury when you envisioned that i was comin'

Used to laugh when i had a demo
But since the big stretch lex limo
You aint got no moe jokes

Ya wanna come on and go wit me
To my place hate to hurt ya feelings sexual healin aint the case
Laced the tracks like angle dust

Thus $#&@in wit us is deadly
Behead the whole crew of the last ^!$$% who wasn't ready
Stay bregheted up, platinum plus

Nubians E three four chrome's 18's three piece B B S treat seat's
And y'all shall find riches it's mad (*##$es gettin dough
I'll die for I go broke just a lil moe

Just a lil bit more

Do me just a uhh
Just a lil bit more will ease my mind
Repeat 2x

Now put one hand in the air if ya keep the chinky out effect
I live to party all night

And love to have sex
Got a main squeeze in the piece on the low
Make a good piece of cheese but could use some more

Who got a lighter bout to blaze up it's tucked in tight
I let the ventilation slide sensation between the windpipe
Ignite it up try to bite my style too tought

Its too much , too lil, too late for you to come up
Be decieved of ya wanna be foolish this bad mandate (*##$ is
True to the %#@!,envoke the spirits like the craft's

Serve the ^!$$%s half the stash in case the cash get low
The !@$( know
$#&@ over the dough and die

Pick yo casket if you feel that you gone try some %#@!
No ^!$$% ever lasted past the first attempt
I leave em baffled and gaffle em for all of they keys

Then dispence to my ^!$$%s like Sony distributing LP'S


Repeat 1x

To the tic toc and ya don't stop

To the beat beat and ya don't quit
Repeat 3x

A lil moe (*##$
A lil moe ^!$$%
A lil moe baby

That'll ease your mutha-phuckin' mind...
So so def wit that mind blowin %#@!

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